del Fuego offers entrepreneurs, small business and corporations a fresh way to learn the key skills for a life that matters, a life that works and a business that succeeds.

What does del Fuego mean?

del Fuego means “of the fire” and our Car Coach CD®’s, software, e-Books and trainings are intended to give you new information and skills to light the fire for you and your business. The del Fuego tools support you in a way you won’t find with other trainings. With del Fuego learning is fun and HOT!

What’s your specialty?

We combine over thirty years of experience to bring you specific skill sets we know are necessary for success in life and in business. This includes new information on:

  • How to sell more effectively, so you can have conversations with clients that really work.
  • Behavioral information on who you are, so you can play to your strengths and support your weak areas.
  • Emotional self management so you are in control of your attitude barometer.
  • Information on how to build your networking and referral skills.
  • And specific tools for management that leverage your hiring and team building decisions.

How do we work with clients?

Everyone learns differently and the opportunity for business people to learn is limited. That’s why we provide our information in a variety of formats.

  • Mobile Solutions – All of our mobile solutions give you ongoing support so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something. You can use our Car Coach CD®, (audio CD’s) to learn on the go. Our software tools are easy to use and our clients think of them as their 24/7 coach. And we offer interactive e-Books that combine print and audio.
  • Instructor Led Training – We also offer classes that supplement and complement our mobile solutions.

Why Audio CD'S?

It takes 30 days to learn a new skill so that it becomes part of your routine. Our Car Coach CD®’s give you the opportunity to learn a new skill at your pace, at your convenience. You can play our CD’s on your way to work, to see a client, on your way home – whenever it works for you.

How is del Fuego different from other training companies?

We develop tools that focus on behavior not inspiration or concepts. The reason we focus on behavior is because unless you have tools that show you how to recognize and change behaviors, nothing else matters. Understanding individual behavior is the leverage point for maximizing productivity. With every del Fuego tool our goal is that you learn a new skill and behavior you can apply immediately. This is our commitment to you and your success.