Successful small businesses and entrepreneurs consistently spend time in two distinct areas:

  • Self development — understanding themselves and others.
  • Skill development — understanding what makes them successful at their job.

What many of us have assumed is that these two areas work only for individuals who are born with good people skills. This is not the case. Using del Fuego products anyone can learn the skills necessary to increased success in life and in business.

del Fuego Car Coach CD®

del Fuego's Car Coach CD's provide these essential information and skill sets in a fun, easy, audio format. People who have listened to them say they are life changing. Car Coach CD® sets turn your drive time, your down time into productive time!

Each CD delivers a specific actionable skill set in a 50 to 60 minute interview format. You hear interviews with experts from the different fields that are critical for success. It's the next best thing to being with the expert — live!

The CD’s spotlight two areas:

  1. The Foundation Skills for Growing a Business where we focus on developing your networking skills. We feature three Car Coach CD®'s where you learn from the top 2 experts in the field of networking and referral based marketing.
  2. The Essential Skills for Success where we concentrate on self development skills. The series begins with the Be Who You Are Took Kit — a starting point for where you are today and how to build your strategy for future success. Following Be Who You Are the series includes several skill building topics to help you take the next step.

As you read more about the CD’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.