del Fuego's professional tools create a new standard of learning for the 21st century. These products focus on the three fulcrums that give you the information to know in minutes, what motivates your client and/or team to work with you.

How is this information different from all the other sales and relationship training?

Three key areas set these tools apart.

1. Our system is objective and language based which means you don’t have to guess what motivates a client to work with you. When you have this information you have the keys to what creates and holds relationship in place – without having to speculate or presume. For example, for sales you will always know:

  • Which clients will renew automatically.
  • When to absolutely never give a reference or a case study.
  • Why most marketing material is ineffective with 50% of your clients.
  • The hidden cues that tell your sales team exactly how to interact, position, present to any client in any sales environment.
  • The formula for handling any objection with any client and always know what to say to turn the objection around.

For teams you will know:

  • The steps to create an understanding of the personal value the individual brings to work.
  • The three fundamental decision patterns that affect how each and every one of us relate to others, and how this understanding accelerates productivity in individuals.
  • The conversations that motivate and inspire people to work with you.
  • How you can increase your organization’s effectiveness in handling conflict and handling objections conversationally in order to move the relationship forward.
  • How you can decrease the front end of the relationship process, which is often spent on trying to establish trust through time, as opposed to creating credibility by understanding a person’s preferred style of interaction.

2. Our system is a combination of facilitator led training and ongoing audio and software support. Studies show that as much as 80% of the learning is left in the classroom. del Fuego solves this problem by providing Car Coach CD®'s (audio) so the learner can continually train and reinforce. It’s like having your own expert sales and relationship coach for every sales person and every member of your team after the training.

3. Our curriculums are customized to your environment which enhances the learning and the retention. The customization includes the facilitator led training and support tools.

The courses we offer include:

del Fuego Sales Credibility™

The Missing Link in Sales

How do you to sell to your clients?

Every client is different and the way you sell to one may not work with the next. With del Fuego's Sales Credibility program you will know in seconds what often takes months to figure out about a client.

Developed and tested with sales professionals over the last 15 years, del Fuego Sales Credibility is an easy to learn, language-based system that combines facilitator led training with audio, text and software to maximize your learning experience.

This is the first new information in sales training in the last 15 years and it is the one sales training where you won’t be able say, “Been there, done that.” You improve your sales success with tools and skills to know how to replicate successful behaviors and make every sales call – a great call.

Creating Relationships

The Foundation to Increasing Sales with any Client

Are some people born leaders and just good with people?

There are two answers. First, yes — some people are natural leaders who are good with people. And second, everyone can learn the basic skills to become more productive and successful with the individuals with whom they work. Whether the task is management, coaching, team building or leadership, the foundation skill set for success is the ability to relate to, motivate and inspire people. It is the ability to create relationship, first. We all know that when relationship is in place, everything is more productive. The question is — how do you create it?